Fair & Accurate Quotes

When we say we provide accurate quotes, it's because we physically inspect your roof.  There are others that will offer you a virtual instant quote -based off an online mapping program without a site visit, but just how accurate is that?  You cannot accurately determine if the sheathing is good or needs replaced.  You cannot accurately tell if there has been or are leaks that have not made it down into your ceilings or walls yet, or if there are multiple layers, hail damage or loss of shingle quality.

Now that doesn't mean roofers don't use some sort of online mapping.  There are many times where it might be unsafe due to a roof's high pitch where companies will "measure" the roof via a satellite map, but an onsite inspection should still be done to verify everything else.

So when you are considering a roofing company, Graber Roofing & Gutters will do everything to ensure we give you as accurate a quote and as thorough of an inspection as possible.  Does it mean we'll find every hidden issue - well we hope so, but if we don't, we always communicate to you as soon as something is found.