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We offer several variations of residential asphalt shingles.  3-Tab (Most Common), Laminated Architectural Shingles and Designer Shingles.


3-TAB  Performance Engineered

All-Weather Performance – Shingles are in a constant state of expansion and contraction caused by changing temperatures. Unlike standard shingles, which prematurely become brittle and crack from the stress, NEX® Polymer Modified Asphalt Technology rubberizes shingles for enhanced all-weather flexibility, strength, and resilience to better withstand temperature swings and weather extremes.

Resists Impact – Virgin synthetic rubber polymers (SBS) and upcycled rubber and plastic polymers add durability, tear strength, and impact protection from hail and debris. Class 4
(highest impact rating possible). May be eligible for insurance discounts.

Resists Wind & Rain – Proprietary synthetic rubber adhesive (SEBS) wind seal protects against wind uplift and shingle blow-off. Wind warranties from 60-70 mph.

Resists Fire – Shingles meet highest fire rating (Class A).



Lasts Longer – Granules are a shingle’s primary line of defense. Polymer rubberization enhances asphalt’s natural thermo-cycling resilience and grip, resulting in up to 65%
greater granule adhesion than the ASTM standard (D3462), and longer product life.

Reduces Air Pollution – 3M™ Smog-Reducing Granules harness sunlight to photocatalytically convert smog (NO, NO2) into water-soluble ions (NO3), actively reducing air pollution.
Each average-size roof has the smog-fighting potential of 2 or more trees1.

Upcycles Tires & Plastics – Polymers from recycled tires and plastic bottles improve shingle strength and durability while reducing landfill waste. Anti-aging technology inherent in these materials adds even more protection from damaging UV sunlight. Each average-size roof diverts the equivalent of 5 rubber tires and 350 plastic milk jugs from the landfill 2.

Cools Roof – Roof-cooling colors reflect the sun’s rays to help reduce solar heat entering the home, supporting efforts by the Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC) to conserve energy.3

Cleaner Manufacturing – NEX® Technology results in much lower emissions than the highly-pollutive oxidation process used to make traditional shingles.


(This information courtesy of the Malarkey Roofing Products website)